An autumn leaf fell today.

It wasn’t long ago that this leaf came.

A young bud that at first was barely noticeable as it began to developed.

On those warm spring days it sprung forth and took shape.

It experienced much.

The wind buffeting on those stormy days.

The harshness of the hot summer day as spring surrendered gently to the summer.

Times of great abundance.

Times of joy and great gladness.

Times of lack to be endured.

But through all, your part to play before.

You played it with all you had.

As summer ebbed into the early coldness of Autumn, the life so rich so pure, began to wain.

The cold nights starting to bite deeper more and more.

The power of Life experienced in the summer months gently being lost as the turning of seasons demand.

Until on that faithful day your time on the tree, no more.

The energy that was you returned from where it came.

Left to return again another faithful day.

We were all richer as your season came and went. For with you in it, this time, more complete it seemed.


Dedicated to B2, who sadly passed away recently


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