Where can we find you when you go?

Where can we find you when you go?

We all depart this place.

For this is a ride who’s mortal end will be known by all.

When I am gone you’ll be able to find me in these words.

For the energy herein contained is immortal.

For generations to come, they will still be able to discover the same power as the reader, you are now.

Each of us has opportunity to make this same difference all around, in different ways.

The energy of grace through which you decided to reach out to help another, manifests the mightiest and magnificent endless change.

The smile you gave to a complete stranger.

The energy of which then lives with the other forever more, even if not directly noticed or acknowledged by the receiver.

The prayer or compassion you shared, even in secret for others, changes this world forever.

Equally those things you now regret.

Sadly perhaps maybe in a negative way.

Where can you find me, after I am no more?

In these words will be everything I aspired to be.

Where others will find you?

In the deeds and actions you took during your time here.

No less valid or unimportant, your acts are.


Dedicated to my friend, Gregory. Who toils, as he strives to make this place a better place. As he has done for the greater part of his life.


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