The weight of nothing at all

The weight of nothing at all.

We toil, struggle and fight just to be.

Work hard, sacrifice much (sometimes oh so much) just to be where we are.

Much weight upon the shoulders, placed.

All too familiar this place for many it has become.

These are the tangible burdens carried by the many, for far too long.

Yet from nothing, for many, comes in at far greater weight than can be seen by any observer.

For this weight comes from the self-talk on the inside.

From the places deep inside that you never show to another living soul.

“I’ll never fit in here, for all the others are better than me”.

“I better not do that, for others might consider me crazy”.

“I hate doing this, but I do it to “fit in”. I wished I didn’t have too”.

“I’m just not a good person. As hard as I try I’ll never be part of the in crowd”.

“I am just not good enough”.

“My Dad hated me. I’ll never be whole because of him”.

“I was adopted out. My real parents mustn’t have wanted me”.

“Doing this, does nothing for me. But I can’t stop, too many are relying on me”.

“Gosh I must be dumb”.

“I just don’t feel whole. Guess I never will”.

“What will everyone else think?”

“I don’t like the way I look”.

“It’s just not fair”.

“I hate myself for doing ……..”

These and many many more are the heaviest of weights we hang around our necks.

From these things comes much doubt, anger, and waste.

Maybe your whole Life.

Yet “normal” you are in many ways having picked up these bags.

To be dragged with you, as if in prison to yourself.

Like a vice holding you tight.

Yet it is true, that none of these things have real substance.

But life time’s lost in the defence of being “right” in your burden of load.

No end in sight.

But wait; if they truly weigh nothing, then want prevents me from simply taking them off myself and putting them down?

The answer is nothing.

Nothing other than journeying through the forgiveness of yourself, for carrying these loads.

For all of these things have zero substance other than that you have attached to them.

Deciding to step bravely into your change is a sober decision to take.

But oh the riches of being free of these incredible internal loads.

Forgiving yourself, breaking the chains, unlocking the door, breathing without load for the first time.
Oh so sweet the wine.

Life is short. Too short to live all of your Life carrying these loads.

Which weigh nothing at all.

When the celebration of all that is life is just around the corner.

Be brave today. Step through the prison door of just one of these sentences you’ve given yourself.

Tomorrow maybe another.

Then in the future maybe more.

Much celebration, awareness you’ve not previously had eyes to see, so much joy the result.

Today be encouraged to take that brave step.

Discovering who you really are without these weightless weights that serve you no more.


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