To see all that is before

To see all that is before.

From this simple element, all things come.

For it is the bringer or Live as we know here in this place.

Without it, this place wouldn’t be.

The miracles that abound all round would have no basis to be.

From these two gases bonded in just the right way the rich beauty that we know as Life happens.

We had no part in the creation of this miracle.

It was here long before we arrived and if on that faithful day, we are no more. It will still be the ruler of this place.

For all the forces of nature are contained therein.

The ice that breaks the rock.

The river that delivers the mightiest mountain to the sea.

The glacier deeply cutting into the surface of our home.

The rain that brings the very sustenance of Life to our soils.

That which we use to wash and pamper ourselves.

That unmatched, which fills our sky.

For this blue gold, most precious of all.

Take not a drop for granted.

Waste not a drop.

Be grateful today that you have all it has provided you.

Man is not the master of this place.

These things, those that are hidden in plain sight, once understood your gaze upon them will never end.

Those that have enough, in luxury of forgetting the rules of this place, for a while, at least, Nature ignored.

Those in lack, in lack enough that often Life’s light goes out, returning to dust they go.

Such is the Nature of this place.

Grateful indeed cast to be for the rest of time, those that can see these miracles that abound.


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