Building Blocks

Building Blocks

Since first days of childhood, all our time spent building blocks.

As the child it might have been the colours, that first witness to the eye.

Or the texture that drew you in.

The effort to stretch out and play rewarded ten fold, again and again.

Stacking stepped aside when “something inside” became the prize.

But the game not forgotten, not forever more.

Inverted the game not more, but a professional player all the same, we play.

For now we spend our days playing with the blocks, building walls to keep all those bad things out.

For now we label something as this or that, regardless of placement, cause it makes us feel safe.

For these walls built of these blocks, are the prison in which we live.

“She’s an idiot”, “what a jerk”, “I hate them”, “they are all idiots”, “oh, how rude!”, “he is a snob”, “they don’t understand”. “They are the radical left”, “he is righter than right”.

When used just the right way, each now a block with which we play. Labels attached steadfast.

Our walls built rigid and fast.

Each block applied to bind down and hold fast.

From time to time we open a few from the past.

Re-validating our decision to lock ourselves away from exploring more and to keep us “safe.”

For these are the labels applied, that bind you down and lock you away.

But who said that this game had to be played this way?

Perhaps the most fun indeed, to put them down one by one, brick by brick, tearing your walls apart.

Examining the detail of each as you do, so you’ll remember the feeling in case you try to redo.

And instead by stepping through.

To reach out your hand and learn something new.

“And oh, how do you say I could start?”

In the very next moment when you do something smart.


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