The Bumpy Road 3 of 3

The Bumpy Road 1 of 3

Be careful of the slippery cobbles.

Finding a foot hold that upon which I can stand to advance, most difficult indeed.

Such is the Nature of the road.

Self indulgence, Grief, Loss, Pride, Greed, even Joy and Love, Pain, despair.

for even as you must experience it, your reaction, all demands.

Without the shadow of it, there is no place for the light.

Fully immersed, the ticket bought, sober the ride.

For as you wander thus, all of things abound.

Each one enough experienced, even once, for a Life to stop.

Here the place where the volume knobs, beyond imagination.

Here the place where mixtures out of control.

For it will be yours to respond to each one, or the many that might arrive, or not.

Yours to hide and run away.

Yours to carry the hurts and pains.

Yours to carry the gratitude.

Yours to hold others in compassion.

Yours to give up.

Yours to hold your chin up.

Yours to smile and enjoy.

Yours to advance.

Yours also the path where to learn last thing, may large circle present.

For if you don’t learn forgiveness, the grief might hold you down.

If caring not understood, maybe the hatred will consume all about.

If no blows are made at your cost, no development of compassion will ever result.

Around and around you’ll go.

Such is the Nature of the road.

Fully immersed, the ticket bought

Now the time to find your feet.

Not to get caught in the ruts.


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