The Bumpy Road 2 of 3

The Bumpy Road 1 of 3

Travelled yes, yet the path forward not visible as you venture on.

Such is the Nature of the road.

These rules woven right in, without requirement of consultation with you.

For who can tell what next may come from the future?

Yet in each moment you get to decide your reaction to everything around you.

Choose wisely.

For this thing we call Life has many bumps, twists and turns. Highs and lows, peaks and troughs, the top of the cobble stone or the rut between.

But the experiences and circumstance drawing closer to you from the future, beyond your control.

You know not, when you might see a person ever again.

Who can tell whether or not you’ll arrive to the end of this day intact.

Or if some great joy arrives changing your Life direction forever. Disruptive perhaps but in a very pleasant way.

Perhaps today you’ll fall in Love or reignite that which you already have.

But at the end of all, the only account of the navigation taken, that which you can cast your eye upon, from the past.

The future remains unseen until it arrives.

But how should I navigate forward on a path which I can not see?

The logic of the left brain does not speak the language of this road.

Your tillers are your feelings, and motives. They are the principle guides which can speak to your heart in this place.

Does your next action, the direction of travel feel correct?

Are your motives in taking these actions pure and honourable for yourself and those around?

Guided by feeling and motive is what you have.

These are the guides upon which to rely.

The more you navigate thus, the less and less those that were centre stage previously will be.

The more clear the path of the path to be followed is revealed.

For as you learn to follow the quiet, so more illuminated becomes the path.

The more sense the view backwards will make.

The path that has had you arrive where you are now.

The path that will have you be where required in the future.


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