The Bumpy Road 1 of 3

The Bumpy Road 1 of 3

The Roads’ nature is its own.

It exists, it is, well before you arrived.

It will be there as a fabric long after you are gone.

For this cloth has no start no end, endless width and knows no time.

Upon its weave all things possible.

Good bad Love, unloved, destruction, compassion, creation, discovery, learning, a lifting.

All things ready to be instantly played out before you.

Travelling above is possible. Drifting without ever knowing really, of its existence.

With it wrapped all round us prepared to take in all experiences, good or bad.

Or even risk being caught in the lows of world. Where as if trapped between the cobbles, in the ruts there formed.

For even in this moment, all possibility is a likely outcome.

The path you’ll take across, yours to decide. To progress or advance entirely. To stop or even go back, you might.

For in the heights of the cobble of this road is view most magnificent.

In these times there will be great enjoyment. The lofty heights of laughter with family and friends. Perhaps much accomplishment, awesome breakthrough.

But in the depths of ruts, much stress, and despair.

Self doubt, Fear, emotional suffering, loathing, hatred. Perhaps physical suffering, no end in sight.

For it is the nature of this road, to support all manner outcome.

It is upon this road, your Life struck.

The most exquisite of perfect mats laid out before.

The purpose, the experience itself.

For it is in the travelling of this road, is where the rising happens, or not.


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