In just the right way.

In just the right way.

If held carefully in just the right way.

If you’ve worked hard on yourself

Started to master the Ego and emotions. The understanding of why.

If you know what it is to actively take control of your awareness.

If you have been patient enough to let it come to you.

If you have the right sharp edges chipped off in just the right ways.

If you have come to or been in a place of being gentle with yourself enough.

If you’ve understood that your way is just one of billions of unique journeys taking place around you.

Then maybe then, in that right place, on that day, the miracles of this place will begin to reveal themselves.

Your Life now changed forever.

Never to go back to the blindness of before.

You’ll see the depth of the colours that you are immersed in.

The richness of the smells around.

The sights and sounds of the infinite expanse of this place.

The music that plays in and from the Universe before you.

The way Nature unfolds in front of you now. In ways that just stops you in awe.

You’ll see things that were previously hidden in plain sight.

You’ll consider all it took for you to be you in this time. You’ll walk joyless in your Life.

You’ll come to see all the perfection that is this place, our home, we call Earth.

You’ll start to be connected to it in ways never understood before.

Perhaps even the flow will be revealed.

This place, our home, is perfect.

You are perfect in it.

In it we have opportunity all about.

To harm and maim or Love and learn compassion.

To create and build up or destroy and pull down.

For all options offered before.

You’ll see the perfection that is this entire place.

Seen and Unseen will arrive in just magical ways.

The strength of knowing will arrive.

The steps are yours.

For it is for you to choose your path.


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