Can you see it?

Can you see it?

Captured this photo this morning.

It is the most perfect of views, capturing all that is Life.

For in this photo is our most perfect of atmospheres, that which sustains all life on this planet.

That of only water and sunlight. The hue of the blue, couldn’t be more strong and rich.

Sunlight plays with the water vapour to “show off” the lightness yet the strength of deep blue remains.

That of the Universe which, in just the most perfect of ways, made this place for us, for us to call it home.

To raise our families and experience all the high and lows this ride has to offer.

Never take this gift for granted.

Let not a moment go by without noticing all there is to be experienced.

Just pause, consider all the most perfect of miracles had have enabled you to be wherever you are today.

Whatever the weather never forget.

For if it wasn’t for all this that existed for millennia before you arrived. You wouldn’t have this place to call yours, in your own special way.

Look for and wait for the miracles surrounding you to reveal themselves to you.

Don’t rush.

Just gently let them come to you

As you open more, by letting go, Life, deep rich Life, will show itself to you.

For in these moments, the complete Life you have been given, will surround and caress you in ways before not understood.

You’ll be taken gently into understandings that know no limit.

Grace and humility will take hold.

Immersed in it fully, you will become.

For who among any could define the start or end of this view?


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