As the fractal plays.

As the fractal plays.

In the background or right in front of us, the universe does what it does. Constantly spinning, moving, changing just as the ordered chaos it is, is supposed to.

Possibly of creation and destruction an endless ebb and flow of infinity. Expressed perhaps according to mathematical form. For order to be, from chaos, some method of standard required.

This flow is pure. More pure than the sweetest mountain creeks’, cold, clear water.

Doing what is defined since the beginning of time. Playing out before us whenever we care to acknowledge the reality before.

It doesn’t know good or bad. Every possibility it can produce, known, ahead of time.

Born into this place, we come to pay attention or not, to this miracle before.

No need or struggle to try to understand that which can not be understood.

Rather perhaps once seen, we are simply supposed to be in awe of it all.

To be comfortable to rest in it and just be.

Even this, the result of much work, to just be.

Into this place we come however.

Given the unimaginable gift to choose anything our heart desires. Whether we understand right of choice or not.

Whether or not we care for the impacts of our reactions or not.

For all possibilities of creation and destruction abound, this time at the end of our hand.

For Freewill can be understood and mastered just so. Or equally possible that it is not understood.

For if no understanding of purpose revealed, then endless highs of highs and lows of lows, the outcome. Much, not understood, suffering the path.

Ours is the choice to add to the resonance of all things around us.

Just as valid, whether chosen or not, to remove and destroy, hurt and wound, even myself.

Regardless of application all outcomes are possible.

For ultimately the flow will continue to do what it does.

No trace even, of our existence given enough time.

First the awareness must come.

The resting to just be.

The understanding of the lessons presented and the awareness of actions, your actions, that follow.

For it is the mastery of choice, but the understandings of why, the purpose.

The choices to put down the Ego, the hurt, the pains.

Learning to hold steadfast instead to compassion, understanding, strong tenderness and Love.

To move towards creation, by choice of moving away from destruction.

These are the things, the purpose if you like, of this thing called Life.

Played out right before your eyes in the miracle that is this place.


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