The size of God

The size of God

Our minds don’t understand infinity, that which has no start and no end.

Is time just a comfortable concept or limitation? For when did time start and one day might it end?

From where did the ability to construct thought come from?

We have no personal way of describing that which might be outside of our capabilities.

Yet a soup of possibility exists.

Remaining isolated from but perhaps all around and through us. In the same space and yet not.

Yet we have oh so many limiting definitions and labels placed upon the concept of God.

Just so we can feel a mastery of our lives in some way perhaps. Or do we use these labels and definitions to try to contain something that goes beyond that which we can’t explain.

Yet if truly considered, our understanding can come to only one conclusion. That we have no real capacity to ever understand that hand which keeps all of this as it is.

Everything in this physical and spiritual experience is happening around and in us via the environment we live in. Yet from where did our ability to experience anything come from?

The Universe in which we react with, would seem to physically comprise of the atom, and subsequent sub particles and wave forms. Perhaps all matter, just a wave of energy, not more.

Yet how many required, what rules in place, what information shared, that we might experience a grain of sand?

Everything is everything through our perception of this. Our physical Universe, a seemingly endless expression of the same.

Life and the expressions of Life spread throughout, all in different stages of awareness and possibility. Human, just another one of billions.

But all are here experiencing their own version of Life. All here by whatever it was that created the Universe, their environment and who they are in the first place. Just as it is for us.

Yet in the physical everything seems supported by the rules that govern the atom. Regardless of that atoms location. The layer of information share between atoms infinite, that knows not of time, nor boundary.

Indeed the very atoms that make you, you, conform totally and are equally just as present as the atoms that comprise the next breath of air you are about to inhale. No separation from anything ever possible outside of this environment.

For what makes a flower itself? What gives it, what rules in play, the colours and form it expresses just so?

What information required to make the feather that offers lift? (even before feathers existed)

All of these things working so well everywhere in our Universe, at all times, that chaos gets not a chance.

For if all the creation, existence and rules were not, then chaos at the atomic level would prevail.

No order, no structure, just madness without time or space would rule. No actual rules or form to be found.

What then if the Universe is but one of an endless array of multiverses?

How could we ever get close to understanding how these things came to pass?

Our lives, this bodily form we find ourselves in, can never be removed from this endless timeless expression of God. Or whatever label we apply.

Regardless of our attitude or behaviour whilst we are here.

If then this hand of design, this possibilities of all possibilities, that which can can not grasp, is thus, why do we struggle with it at all?

Why not accept that we are not the masters we trick ourselves into thinking we are?

Instead why don’t we just remain incredibly, indescribably grateful for all of this?

For the real concepts about the hand that keeps all this, as it is, beyond all of us to ever understand, ever.

We need not to fight and kill over any of this, for all of this is beyond what we are.

Rather rest in it.

Be at peace that it is what it is.

Rejoice that you are here to celebrate just that it is what it is for you to enjoy and interact with it.



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