Just stop the world, for a moment

Just stop the world, for a moment

Nature, the big Nature, in which we find ourselves.

That of the Universe, and all its galaxies, the ebbs and flows of creation against time scales beyond us.

That of the Milky way and our solar system rushing around in it . All the millions and billions of stars that caress the night sky.

That of our planet, and the continents, oceans and atmosphere upon which we find ourselves.

The area of this planet we are individually located in. The local weather, the streams, oceans and everything around us in our local places we are living out our lives through.

Stop it, stop it all for a brief moment in your mind.

Freeze it as if you can see and feel all of it in this moment. From the stars to whatever you can see in front of you. Freeze everyone around you and cull out all the noise.

In this state, with everything held still for you. Take a moment to think and feel what it is for you to be alive, right in this very moment.

For this nature we all live in doesn’t have knowledge of grief, anger, laughter, love, life or death. It knows not jealously, war, deceit, hurts or pains.

It just is as it is, doing what it does whether you were here to experience it or not.

In the next moment it will be different. Never to return to the sate you hold it steadfast in right now.

Your life here happens, from first breath to last, against this amazing easel. Separate too, yet influenced by all of it around you.

Upon this canvas you’ll be given opportunity to explore and interact with those around you. If brave enough you might begin to explore why you react in the ways you do. To then seek better outcomes for yourself and those in your community.

For it is inside this endless stream of moments that you will Love. Feel the pain of being misunderstood. Grow up and host a family of your own perhaps, or not. love, laugh, cry, skip, jump, give up and walk away, as you see fit.

You’ll make your decisions to chase wealth. Perhaps full your Life with clutter and stress. Or maybe you’ll spend some of your Life there only to take a totally different tangent at some juncture of your ride.

Whether or not you’ll carry pain, from so long ago, with you today. Or whether you are constantly learning to put all these things down.

For Nature will just continue to do what it does regardless or in spite of your decisions.

This is this gift we call Life.

To come here and play, learn and explore as we like, upon this endless stream of moments. To exercise our choices to experience what we decide we want to.

Most humbled we all should be of this amazing stream of possibility playing out all around us.

Just so we get to be here and, if we are truly courageous, work upon improving ourselves.

For many take this ride, to only never understand their active part in being here.

Let go now of this moment, for the one you took hold of has now been lost, gone forever.

Yet another presents itself now for you on and on, just for you to learn.


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