Those first few baby steps

Those first few baby steps.

Born, a while getting settled into this new life. Grew and began then to truly develop. Motor skills came, the beginning of controlled will full movement.

By now you have taken in how other young folk and adults were walking around. Upright on two legs each step a miracle.

Bones got stronger, muscles took shape and developed strength.

Then sick of crawling, you without saying a word, began to practice how to stand. Wobbly at first, even this simple task something to overcome and learn how to, in just the right way. But end goal clearly in sight.

Then that big day, without handhold, first step taken, without assistance from anything.

Without spoken world to explain your understanding you did try oh so many times. Always falling or needing assistance. Tens maybe hundreds of times you tried.

Then on that day, assistance required no more, for now you could walk, by yourself.

Could you sprint the 100 meters on the first day? Did you understand climbing a ladder? Balancing on a round object? Bouncing on a trampoline? Of course not.

But apart from the actual sophistication of walking and everything it took to master, what you had understood was that to reach that goal, you committed to a pathway of gradual advancements.

Sometimes over and over you had to reapply yourself, sometimes in some pain and maybe bruising in order to progress to the desired goal.

Sometimes perhaps it all just seemed too hard, too large of a hurdle to overcome.

But you continued to make progress day by day, towards your horizon.

This was in actuality however, only the first step of exploration into a world originally you knew nothing about.

It was only when walking mastered that a whole new world then revealed itself.

For once walking mastered, running came towards you, then climbing, then riding a bike. Then the rest of your Life and everything it now contains because you stayed the path and learnt how to walk.

None of these “higher achievements” were possible or perhaps even visible to you when you set yourself on the journey to master walking. They only came towards you, once you had accomplished that first simple step.

The danger today is the world of instant. Answers to every query just that instant query away. We watch online videos and think we taught ourselves something.

Not understanding that is the application of knowledge which exposes Wisdom.

What more do I need to know if the answer is at the end of my fingers?

What you miss is that, those answers are like everyone else around you walking when you were the kids that couldn’t.

Knowledge is only an answer. Wisdom of knowing is the application of the answer.

Nothing is mastered or even understood until we try. Perhaps our attempts to achieve a goal are very small indeed. Perhaps sometimes they even take you backwards for a while. Exactly as it was all those years ago.

But through your continued attempts to walk, finally you mastered the art. It is the same, never changed, with everything else in Life.

There are other learnings presented here of course.

Whilst the goal seems so far away that to start to journey towards it, just not possible.

But chunked down, taken step by step, indeed we can move towards the end state. No outcome then too big or grand.

Additionally once achieved, things which couldn’t reveal themselves to you will then start to appear and be understood.

Because you wouldn’t have understood them if they had arrived before you mastered something.

We all learnt these things as the result of our own intuitive built in desire to walk, way back then.

But the wisdom of what we did, just as true as it is today. Just as current as it has always been.

If we slowed down enough to notice.

Then the answers we seek start to show up, as we apply ourselves, step by step.

Oh, and it is never too late to start.


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