Become your own banker

Become your own banker

Arrival into this life can be expressed as just two sides of a ledger.

The credit side that of personal growth, the debit side that of learning opportunity.

Life is a ride. It comes ready or not. Swimming against the flow impossible.

So for many just being in the flow, the only experience felt, whether acknowledged or aware or not.

Most make investment in personal growth, from the hurts, pains, pressures presented from the Learning Opportunities side of the ledger.

What we think about ourselves forged in the most part from the negative.

We learn how to lash out, how to enforce “our rights” over others.

How to prove we are right at the expense of many around.

We get angry at ourselves for having to work to live, knowing deep down how large the price is being paid.

How hard it is to rise to go to work. Having deadlines forced towards us.

How busy we keep ourselves to remain distracted that the ledger even exists.

The self-talk that results about not be good enough, not measuring up, comparing yourself as never being as good as those beside you.

We take from the learning opportunities side and lock away all the negatives in the personal growth side. Counter intuitive in the extreme.

Never really understanding how simple and toxic these processes are. How much of the negative we deposit in our account.

For how many memories do we have, of the “good things” and good experiences in our Life?

Compared to how much from the negative we have locked away.

But Bankers care not of the transaction itself.

They care instead, how much they will get from the transaction and its associated risk.

They care not what the transaction actually is.

So what then might happen if you were able to become the banker?

Where you could rise above the day to day transactions of Life.

To point of watching the entanglements and observing them for what they are. Lessons and experiences you can learn from.

Not caring so much about the actuals of what is happening but rather to learn from them regardless of circumstance.

Not taking on the hurts and pains of them, but rather observing your own reaction and asking the important question. Why am I reacting in the manner I do? Indeed, am I happy with that outcome?

So you could learn to take all of those previously stored doubts, fears and negativity you have stored to keep you safe. Removing them from the “personal growth” side of ledger.

Replacing, over time, with a new level of learning and understanding.

Where, when you get to the end of your ride. What is locked away in the Personal Growth side are the positives about what you learnt about yourself and the improvements you made when empowered with this awareness.

The taking the positive learnings and lessons even from what were previously the harshest of circumstance.

Your ability and choice to remove those negative “responses” deposited, yours.

Yours also the opportunity and responsibility to replace those deposits only that which you decide serves you well. Being above the day to day transactions, in the exact same way bankers do, when considering writing a loan.

Real growth is offered in this way.

May you become your own consciously aware Banker, today.


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