The Miracles of Life.

The Miracles of Life

For so many now, the noise of “Life” becoming louder and louder.

This and that to look that, argue about, the wrong and right of it all.

Work pressures mount, paying the bills, struggling to keep ahead.

Yet through it all do we really allow all this to cloud our view of what already abounds?


I have eyes to see with. (Think about Life without your eyes)

I have legs upon which I can move. (Think what Life would be without your legs)

I have fingers, hands and arms. (Never to be able to hug another again)

I have ears to listen with. (In a world of total silence you would be)

I can physically feel things via the sense of touch. (Never to know cold hot or warmth again)

I can smell. (How sad the day when all those memories based in smell will never be triggered again) My lungs, heart, and everything internal just work.

No price to pay, no one to ask permission from. (No life without)

For what price would you pay for the restoration of any of these, if any were lost?

I have thought. (Without which death the likely outcome)

I can communicate with my fellow man.

I have thought feelings and emotion through which I process this miracle of a world I live in.

I can create, destroy, build up or pull down. (All yours to choose)

If noise turned down, adjustment made to understanding just so, relevancy of all the nonsense revealed.

The Life that was always there comes to focus.

That which perhaps taken for granted, it always was.

For the miracles that occurred to bring me to this place, the miracle’s that are indeed this place, the miracles of existence that is me, that awareness can stop anything in its tracks.

I hope for you that you arrive to such a place in the near future.

If you have already, never forget the day that that awareness shone through all the noise of this place.

For you, your Life changed on that day forever more. Slow down turn off the world around you, day by day.

Because for the most part, deception is the name of that game.

Instead move towards or hold onto the Natural right you have, just to be me.


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