A while ago our ships set sail

A while ago our ships set sail

Yours began in lands far away. But Universal plans are indeed universal. Landed in the shores I called “my country”, into the town I called “home”.

The children we both were, our boat not our own to sail. For the role of the parent still an important part.

Then came the foundation years, where young boys, became young men. Our journeys crossed, a bond formed as if gold.

For these young lads, full of sparkle in the eye and without limitation understood, we explored Life together.

For in these times the rite of passage was about becoming independent from the parental boundary and setting sail as young men into the great unknown. No limits known, none understood.

Many the time we took stock of events just past out and only then and not for too long wondered how we had survived. But not for too long, as the next adventure beckoned.

For these most important of years, I had the honour to call you my friend. And a friend you truly were.

Staying with me as we ventured in troubled waters, sailing directly into the eye of storm without a flinch, shoulder to shoulder. We looked life square in the eye and uttered “bring it on”.

Many times our lives should have ended, for at times our toes were indeed over the edge. Indeed at that most important of time, I owe you my Life.

For on that day you literally entered that stormy sea and dragged what was left me to safety.

So much adventure, so much thrill, so much wine woman and song,

Life was endless, master sailors convinced we were.

You stood beside me and I you, including on the day I wed my bride.

Neither of us had any idea about this thing called Life back then.

But the sailors we became.

Time moved on, partners arrived, families begun, our ships began to drift apart. Contact stretched for many years.

All too soon as life sometimes does, your number was up, time to the end of your Life drawing closer, too young all would protest.

Your boat now drawing closer to the shore once again.

Worst for wear, of course it is.

For that is the way it is supposed to be.

We sailed with bravery, stupidity, honestly and adventure rolled into one, you and I.

Now you are gone, I’ll miss you.

But regret not a second of the time, the adventures we sailed through together.

Thank you for who you were, looking back what you taught me and gosh that we both survived.

For now your trip over, boat on dry land.

Don’t fret, for not long the time now when we will be back sailing again.


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