How deep our depth of gratitude should be.

How Deep our depth of gratitude

Nature means many things.

The birds, the rivers, oceans, the sky the land upon which we live.

Common your thoughts would be if your mind takes to these places. But there is more, oh so much more to the depth of what Nature really is. The Nature that we take for granted each day, giving it probably no thoughts at all.

For Nature isn’t just those things.

At its widest and deepest, beyond our comprehension actually Nature, is everything. It governs everything, it works on its own time scales and at levels well beyond our levels of understanding.

At our own peril we ignore all the power and grace it delivers and has been delivering to us before time itself existed.

For this Nature is that beyond the boundaries that supports the endless expansion of our Universe. It takes from the chaos that could be and defines an environment for all things we can discern as having substance and form, and all those things that we know nothing about, to exist.

For at its very core Nature is everything.

At this level, you exist because Nature provided the entire environment for you to be who you are.

You exist as a unique part or expression of the Nature of this place.

Every atom that is the physical you once was a part of a star somewhere in the galaxies that surround.

The air you breathe the concrete or land upon which you stand, Nature.

There is nothing, nothing outside of this Nature.

Yet we seem hypnotized somehow that we are greater than this place we call home. Perhaps we have technologically advance ourselves to being the masters of this place. Nothing further from the truth, we could be. These thoughts, the things of fantasy.

Rather we should just be entirely grateful for the Nature that makes this all possible. We should be doing everything in our power to make this home or ours a better place. More kind and generous, more loving and laughter, more Joy and celebration.

We should be doing oh so much more to tune into the natural ebbs and flows of this place in which we are a part. Rather than the attempt of removal from this Nature, because in some fantasy we are greater than the every environment which is required to support our very Life.

For where are we really even if isolated from what we think is Nature? In these thoughts we have of course gone no where. Moved not a millimetre outside of anything at all.


This very Nature is yours to experience.

That of family and friends, Nature expressing itself for you. You get to decide whether or not to build up or tear down. To be filled by Love and gratitude or poisoned by hate and anger.

For inside Nature, you get the privilege to discover, create and experience. To grow and mature. To exercise the free will given freely to you. Independently as an agent inside the Nature, not removed from it.

Outside of this environment, we know nothing at all.

In your next step, remember to be grateful for the very place your foot lands, as it strikes whatever it does. For it took all of time and miracles of creation from before time to provide a place for your foot to find itself upon.

Think about all it took for you just to be reading this article today.

For the world into which you arrived and took no part of that before. What part in this act were you the master?

Be grateful for the entire ride, which is your Life at this time. Let your breath be taken away, humbleness taking the place of pride and Ego.

How deep should our gratitude really be? Deeper than words could ever capture.


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