Your death

Your death

Just like all other aspects of life, if the impact isn’t immediate then it won’t happen to me. Smokers play this game, just as well as alcoholics, drug users, under eaters, over eaters and many many more.

In the same way death is something “out there” that really isn’t going to happen any time soon. And yet for the most, not one person knows when death will arrive.

Bad habits the results of which yes might not catch up, death will come for us all, in this experience called life. And yet maybe death is the most immediate, for in its coming every person runs completely out of time to do anything more. There isn’t any playing of the odds, it comes you go, the end.

So perhaps gamblers we all are. Zipping through life, like the sand pouring through the opened fingers to the floor. Putting everything off for “someday”.

Without knowledge of the when, of death, we live, yet truly do we?

Do we take the time to experience our lifes? Help others to do the same?

What will be said of us on that day?

Will we have been present in our own lives?

Will others be celebrating “The Who” of who we were?

Will the planet be better off for you (and me) drawing breath, or will we just consume, consume and rush?

What investment made today, right now, for the gambler in you knows not when the game will end, cards packed away.

Gamblers we all are with this thing called life, not knowing when end will draw to close.

What matters now is you, who you are in the next moment, not more. For when all considered you in the next is all that matters. One day the cards will be packed away.

Who you will be on that day is made of you in the every next moment.


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