The New World Order – part 3

The real New World Order comes.

This New World Order is yours to start. Today right now in the next moment, it’s there constantly waiting to take hold. Yours to turn on, or off, as your choices made, select left or right up or down good or bad.

But what of the vision, how will it feel? How will we operate and be in community together? Will we still need a government, controlling elite?

Elements of this new order abound right now if your eyes are opened to see.

Many folk living a spirit filled life, trying to find balance with nature. Nurturing first that which is within. Then from a stable base interacting with others, gently, with honouring touching those around.

Decisions on how to live need to be reversed.

Food and water must be made clean. The principles of supply and demand first quenched locally, naturally, above all this must be the case. Food must actually be made to be good for us, all.

Balance with nature extremely close in partnership with food. It must be done in a balanced way with nature. Not acting as a virus, but one that takes what is needed, giving back even more.

Spiritual development fostered and encouraged at every turn. In the same vain, Ego and Hate discouraged, when opportunity presents. Exploration of self and the world for all to enjoy and discover.

Governments yes, but selected on / in honour, those that are humble and wish the best for their neighbour must reside.

Respect, not that fueled by fear, but the gentle respect of all things around will need to be at the fore.

No Money, No politicians, No corporations, No religion and perhaps no formal boundaries of “country” to remain.

Crime, stealing, now things taught in a history class, still making no sense, just as today. Locks and keys the same.

This world is a Spirit led world, which is actually just a breath away. Where meditation, spirit led development, peace and love will abound.

The world is braced for massive times of change, on the other side, few will remain. Society rebuilt on principles reversed to those of today need to be the order of that day.

But start today right now, you can do. For this next world, this real “New World Order”, given to you the power has already been.


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