Don’t miss the noise of life

Don’t miss the noise of life

Not everything is as it appears to be. As the world whistles by, you running, sprinting with your all, just to keep up.

The noise of the media, radio, MP3 players smashing into you everywhere now days to seems. Electronic everything pumping volumes of time wasting distractions at you.

Told, no maybe even programmed to believe that reaching out to help is bad.

Taught not to trust, with division actually the only thing it seems, holding us all together. Which is rather an insane concept at the core.

The hustle, bustle, rammed, crammed life full of noise.

And yet, supporting all this nonsense is the real noise of life.


of each breath drawn, 15000+ times a day actually.

whisp of breeze on the face.

child’s gentle grasp of hand, in hand.

moment of being brave enough just to be you.

Inner heart that actually has all required, installed right in now, in this very moment.

The Real Noise of Life.

Don’t miss out.


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