I can see a world, it’s not so far away

But a vision must be painted for others to see.

It’s aligned to nature. Where we live together in this natural world, not against it.

Where money is studied as a history project.

Where the stock market, trades in cattle and derivatives are something physically derived from something else.

Where politics has no room to survive, and was made irrelevant years ago.

Poisons in food just don’t make sense. Nor in our soil or water.

Hydrocarbons, people have forgotten why, and just how stupid it all ways really.

Where weapons of war are a concept forgotten, so long long ago.

Illness is treated naturally complemented by the alternative, allopathy.

Where religion, has been cast in stone and thrown into the deepest ocean.

Where our kids are taught things, not to someone else’s tune.Poverty ended, now not really understood.

This journey? This solution?

Starts with your next step.


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