Movie night

Movie night

I am aware of a list that is massive, for those looking for “answers” beyond the muddled chaos in front. Its a mix of doco’s and movies. The softest start of which has to be the movies part.

My list of some of these that others might find useful, as pure movies, before looking at any documentaries, is: (in no specific order)

What we did on our Holiday 2014

The Matrix (at least the first one, but look beyond the special effects. Don’t be distracted)

Peaceful Warrior 2006

The Way 2010

The Celestine Prophecy 2006

Waking Life 2001

What dreams may come 1998

Chloe and Theo 2015

For those just starting to seek out answers, beyond today’s mess, some of these movies may help. They are perhaps the softest “way” for you to seek answers for yourself.

Worth the effort maybe to seek any of them out and begin to immerse yourself in a world yet unseen maybe.

(I am sure there are many, many more)


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