Did I get this right?

Did I get this right

We are the only species on the planet that have to pay to live. To earn this “value” we get to work hard, for years and years sacrificing the bulk of our lives.

And yet in doing so:

1. We live so disconnected from nature that we poison the oceans, the land and the air. Now even extending to Earths close outer regions in space.

2. We are caught in an endless consumption model, on a planet with finite resources.

3. Many billions live without, dying of disease and hunger. Not “profitable” it seems to be of any consequence.

4. We destroy vast areas of this finite resource, our planet home – Earth, at the cost of all other species.

5. Our behaviour could be likened more to that of a virus than anything else. Moving in consuming all resource, at the expense of everything else, to then move onto the next host area, once everything is consumed or destroyed.

6. Our behaviour could be described as brutal at best.

7. We are taught not to trust anyone else, for fear of having money taken from us.

8. More and more “money” is just digits on a computer hard drive somewhere. Of no value whatsoever.

9. We are enslaved to “legal” entities called “corporations” to work to make more money for these things without flesh and blood.

10. Our greed and fear are prayed on via our dependency on money

11. We war, killing millions, along the way for greed’s sake.

12. The stresses caused by this mess, causes disease and often death, sometimes death by your own hand, just because of money. This stress certainty does us all no good.

Is this really the best we can do?

Is this the behaviour of an intelligent species, really?

Are you actually happy or comfortable with this?

Did I get this right?


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