An individual I am, for sure

An individual I am, for sure

The individual aspect of us makes us who we are on the outside.

Our responses different and unique each time, personal to every one of us.

How and why we laugh, cry, get angry, frustrated and perhaps depressed. Our reaction to our communities, how we respond or decide not to towards our family and friends. What holds our interest and what disinterests? Everything is unique.

Perhaps this uniqueness should be celebrated. For it is this that provides the contrasting colours that make the richest blend of life. No two the same. If only we were mature enough to commune in this way.

When we investigate inside however, when all boiled down, we are all incredibly similar. Regardless of colour, race, creed, religion and more.

Deepest down the desire to be loved, unconditionally. Parents, Family and friends the places we go just to rest in Love.

If honest with ourselves we are.

  • We all crave for food on our table, warm place to sleep and wellbeing for our children. Something better for the generation to come.
  • We want to be understood. Not against trends or judgement too fast past sentence over. Just to be understood in the way we see the world. To make bonds with those that can share the view.
  • A shoulder to lean and perhaps cry on. To release those things that hurt the most, carried for so long. Not to be judged for them, but simply a place to put all those bags down.
  • We all want release, perhaps even to scream and shout, to let all the anger and frustration out. To be free of the weights we picked up without attention paid.
  • We want someone to believe in and understand me, without reservation. Perhaps more in a transparency way. Where I don’t need to dress up in ways I would rather not.
  • When weighted all, regardless of race, colour or creed, we are all the same in our desire and need to be in Love. No Judgement, no law, no hate, just Love.

Oh how we have missed the simplicity that is supposed to be Life.

Be in Love with who we all are together, the gifts we have and celebrate all those aspects that make each of us unique.


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