The magic in your first breath

The Magic in your first breath

From delivery the gift of the breath, continues throughout your Life, until every end.

Taken for granted each time for sure it is, but yet when focused, what a miracle each breath is.

The air that enters to warm, to support growth and you through good times and bad.

As we clutter and cram our lives full of this and that, breathing just continues just quietly, at rear stage it always remains.

Crisp on the frosty morn. Filling the lungs and body with that jolt of Life, that we all know so well. Warm on the summer’s afternoon when the aromas of spring bring only delight.

Gentle as Sun declines on another day, with the coolness of the coming night. Warm around open fire.

Please don’t forget that no matter what Life’s journey has ahead, when focused just right, all one can see are the Miracles of Life.

When all seems upon you, Life in the washing machine all you know. Take the time to breathe.

Focus quietly so, each breath caressing lungs to open wide and remember this miracle called Life.



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