Awake we say, really?

Awake we say, really?

We (hopefully mostly everyone nowadays) are familiar with the definition of left and right brain. Not literally of course, as the two function both independently and in concert with each other.

Of the Left, assigned: Analytic Thought, Logic, Language, Reasoning, Science and Math, Writing, Numbers. (Maybe of the ground when list considered.)

Pertaining to the right: Art, Creativity, Imagination, Insight, Holistic thought, Music, 3-d Forms, matters of the Heart and Spirit (More of Air and Spirit).

So balanced, perfect in design and function, a master machine, beyond anything else we know.

Yet with this knowledge, it is strange in fact that we spend all of our time living life from the Left.

For the great percentage, all learnt physically about things of this world, from the Left. The information passed on, shared as a blur across all different media forms, for the most part – Left.

Most of your emotion, reaction, anger, and responses exhibited – Left. (Yet many are deeper driven from lessons resting in the right.)

For the most part our children’s education focus – Left. Of their children, just a repeat awaits, it seems.

Even as adults, regardless of age, because programmed we have been, we spend almost 100 percent of Life processing and learning about only the Left hand hemisphere.

So then we say we are awake! We make the jump, the leap of faith, just because we have learnt more than we did the day before. Charging forward to announce to the world, Murder, Corruption, Thief’s, Deceit, Pollution, Waste, Chemicals, poisons in the food and water – Left Left Left.

Does this really mean Awake? How then can we be “Awake” if ignored, the Right remains? Guess what, nearly impossible that task would be. Yes you can have knowledge anew, but “Awake” in balance Left to Right, you can’t be.

Looking for the cause for most of that corruption found and called out, it is because there is not balance between the Left and Right.

More to come to explore, awakening “The Right” ………


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