The Law is an arse

The Law is an arse

In the nature of Nature, the only thing constant is change.

Something eroded to in turn, become something else. The Weather, Jet streams, Ocean currents, the light, the heat, the dark, all constantly changing. Areas growing sprouting new life, deserts drying others out. Now factor the rate of change we bring, to this natural world of ebb, flow and change.

New Technologies every second of the day. New Building materials to used and exploited. New methods of making power and storing the stuff. New Technologies to move us around this wonderful home.

New “Foods,” New Drugs, new ways of looking and processing Life. New borders being struck and moved.

So what has all this got to do with the Law?

Now look at how “The Law” operates its principles under which it survives. The Law requires specificity to function. It cannot work if there is vagary anywhere.

It needs to clearly define what it is trying to contain to provide itself a world it can live in. It fails even at this level for lawyers and the tricksters, who live in this system, will then go about challenging and making unclear even the cleanest of descriptions.

So now we have a “System of Law” trying to contain and define an ever changing, constantly changing world.

The result? Two things:

• More and More Law required, each new day.
• “The Law” gets so complex that no one can keep up, not even those inside.

“The System”: sheer and totally madness, just complete Madness.

Trying to keep up with Natural Change, contain it in words, all really for nothing. Bloody Madness.

But a perfect eco-system for the survival of everyone living inside or off “The System”. For we are taught we need “The Law” and Lawyers at almost every turn. When we purchase a house, Writing of Wills, Dispute resolution, Divorces and Separations, the list goes on and grows well by itself.

So how did this mess come about?

a) Early society banished those “practicing the Law” to live outside of community (no one tells about this and many other aspects, I bet). But over time they came back in and took hold, driving dispute mitigation and division into the society.

b) Today we believe we need them throughout society, for we have outsourced our life’s responsibility, as “the Normal” thing to do.

The remedy, there must be an answer right?

Well yes there is actually, so simple most that are brave run away.

We just need to live more honourably together, taking responsibility for our actions. Coming into conflict situations with resolution in mind, without trying to “Win or playing the role of the Victim”.

We need to talk with respect for the listener. We need to listen with respect for the lesson being learnt. We need not “The Law”; we need to start living, really living together.”



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