Connecting the dots, the madness that makes us who we are today

Connecting the dots, the madness that makes us who we are today

Let’s consider for a moment, what we take as being “normal”.

Today the world is spending $1.263 Trillion in Defence industries across the world (Top 20 countries only). I’ll choose to ignore the following from America “could not provide adequate documentation for $6.5 trillion worth of year-end adjustments to Army general fund transactions and data”. $1.263 Trillion per year, $3.4 billion per day, $144 Million per hour, each and every hour.

This is “normal” because this is what is happening today.

About 21,000 are going to die today (and it seems this number is mainly children only), due to poverty and hunger. That is 1 person every four seconds, 7.66 Million people (mainly kids) per year.

If the Defence budgets were redirected and applied to the 21,000 dying every year, that would equal $164,774,951.00 per individual for the year.

From the other direction how many lives could be saved and communities affected in fantastic ways if the $1.263 trillion was spent on those in need?

Show me any parent or grandparent that wouldn’t spend a portion these sizeable sums to keep their child alive, if even just for another single day?

Look into any society anywhere and show me one that doesn’t have downtrodden outcaste individuals who would benefit from a redirection.

And this is “normal”.

So where are these dots?

How did this come about, why do we take this as what “normal” is?

Fear and greed, old fashion Fear and Greed. Programmed right into each of us and our children, both are.

Be scared of that person on the bus sitting next to you. Lock your doors, kept safe. Protect what is yours. Don’t risk building community around you.

If you need us to “save” you call the Police or local authority for resolution. Then we need local Policing groups and heaps of “Law” to keep us safe.

Then border protection to stop the bad guys getting in, because they are going to take something from us, more Fear.

Then we need actual Defence for protection, regardless of how they get used or miss used at end of all.

This could be thought of as a pyramid.
Because we have Greed and Fear, we look up for others to keep us safe. Then they to the next level and so on. Our energy, our choices, the way we live together (Or don’t, as more accurate the case may be) feeds the cycle, and keeps the money moving as it is allowed to.

Well what happens if us, you and me, the individuals that support this mess, start to direct our energy in other ways? What happens if we start being honest with ourselves and start to build community around us.

As more and more begin then less and less we need “The Authorities” for resolution. The less and less they are needed; the less of them there will be, and so on.

Ultimately the less and less of us will die each minute, hour, day, week and year, cause our energy (the you and me at an individual level) will be redirected away from this pyramid built on Fear and


Get it?

Millions die this year because of the way we are all “Living” together, or not as the case may be.


Footnote: This same thinking could be applied to many aspects. The Quality of our food. The plastic we all consume. The way we look after or don’t look after Nature. It’s not just the money spent on War to which this pyramid of thought can be applied to.

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