Imagine: A pebble in the palm

Imagine: A pebble in the palm

Not much to see really, just a small stone made smaller by the size of your hand. When tossed outwards away, flying for a period only to be pulled downwards to strike the water resting before.

Not much of a splash made for size was never the pebbles strongest point.

Regardless a splash made, water moved to embrace the pebble on the journey, as it now sinks gently to the bottom.

The surface however an entirely different outcome now evident.

For at the surface ripples created, now seemingly absorbed by the volume, as journey commences. Yet when arriving to the shore, waves reappear, as if by magic to wash up and hit the shore.

Interestingly when first stone thrown and hand re-examined, by magic another waits for action. For it too seems to want to travel, on its own journey causing its own effect on the surface and the shore. Again and again the throw leading the same result.

More pebbles appear waiting for your choice of throw, endless, constant the supply.

Now upon the same reflection, as ripples spread out, your Words and Actions, Thoughts and Deeds are exactly the same.

Your comments and actions might cause a disruption at the start and then seemingly disappear for a time. Only to resurface perhaps in another life as Hurt or Pain. As easily Love and Lifting Up may result, but it all depends upon the intent you prescribed it to carry.

For it is not what you threw that matters, but the intent each carries, prescribed by you for whomever was around at the time. Instantly, just like our pebble above, you have the right to throw another and another and another.

Please carry yourself through your Life with Wisdom.

For your free will can create and destroy, far beyond what the eye can see.

With what intent are the stones thrown by your hand, to destroy or build up?

For you know not where the ripples caused at your hand will land.


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