For the most part, hope that most agree that we create our world, individually and collectively. Have you ever thought about the energy you provide to what and why?

Headlines abound, almost suffocating at times. Terror this, fear that, beware something bad like this might happen to you. Food poisoned, Terrorists everywhere it seems today. Bad agendas in the corporate world, secret masters pulling cords unseen.

Educating those yet to see your world, the justification. Valid perhaps for some, for some number, yet with every share of bad news, toxic headlines energy flows supporting those agendas regardless. Seems with the tidal waves washing through social media, more energy is supplied to bad news, toxic agendas, than ever before.

Upon reflection …..

Where is your energy invested? Why not on good news, messages that encourage rather than pull down? Witnessing your disinterest in toxic matters, perhaps the better witness might be to show you to focus on all things good and positive. Better then maybe to become out of balance completely, by exercising your free will to spreading good news, positive items that encourage others towards your world, by another path.

Not by Fear, but by Light.

Are you at balance with the Energy you place where, or perhaps even out of balance towards good news? Why not avoid placing your energy on negative, and rather, focus on positive?

Are there other ways of “waking up” those yet to see?

Focus on Fear and more Fear is the only result. For at end of all,

Balance will prevail.


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