The more revealed, the more balance becomes a part. Naturally balance appears and can been seen in every aspect of life and nature. Light and Dark, Hot and Cold, Wet and Dry, Quiet and Noise, Life and Death. The natural order of all things constantly moving and changing but over time all things in balance, it appears they must.

This balance doesn’t always make sense perhaps. For to us with limited time to experience or understand, extreme indeed some things appear.

A lot of trends are or seem out of Balance today.

  • Our consumption based “economies”.
  • The reliance on energy from fossil sources.
  • The waste produced without second thought.
  • The poisoning of the lands and waters.
  • The clearing of forest and habitat without consideration of impact.
  • The poisoning and deliberate polluting of the air we breathe.
  • The stupid decisions taken with profit as the excuse.
  • The killing of millions through poverty and war.
  • Our pride in “mastering” the Atomic.

Yet even then before all, Balance will occur, over time, to correct all.

Natural is the Law that governs our world. Unnatural a lot of our action has become. Yet Natural Law through all will prevail, with or without us on this home.

For no matter how far away from centre we try to pervert our view, kid ourselves we are in charge, Natural Law will bring to order all before, with or without us on this place.

For a price for “Out of Balance” will be paid, is always paid.

Life is an experience, each unique to the individual. Sometimes to the extreme we rush and if balanced the approach, nothing wrong the result. But when extreme held too close to the heart a balanced price might be paid. But experience we are here to do.

Natural is the Law of Balance when applied personally in Life.

Life starts as one day it will also end. We Laugh and cry, Love and sometimes not. We experience emotional highs and lows, can see wrongs taking place in front and decide to make right.

The amount of busy time and stress, that I must take, “Just to Survive.” Making all manner of noise about all that might appear wrong. Too much food or not enough, the same.

Too much time spent out of balance on one issue or other, will always have a price to pay.

All things must return to Balance eventually.

For those that want a different view than toxic before today, the real journey begins will the balance you live at a personal level.

For if all followed that path, very different this world would look today.

If not, then Nature will do what Nature does and bring balance back to the centre, without regard for us. But the place of commencement resides with you.

Very tight is the rope we walk today.


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