When all said and done, “The Market” (whichever selected) is only driven, at the core, by Fear or Greed, not more.

Most food isn’t made to be good for you. It is made to be profitable.

There is no safe speed in or on any vehicle.

All war does, any of it, is Kill, Murder and destroy for profit.

Governments (for the most part) no longer serve the people.

We here, on Planet Earth, aren’t that different.

The media is there to sell headlines and make profit.

Global Warming is about money.

Poverty needn’t be.

Allopathic Medicine does not hold all the answers. Maybe very few in fact.

Consumption based anything, isn’t an answer. It is in fact quite the opposite.

Speed cameras are about safety.

You’re going to hell.

“This is the only way.”


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