A picture develops

A picture develops

That of a staircase far out before.

All steps are of regular height and yet cover miles and miles in the horizontal. Only gradually getting less horizontally wide, as the stair case ascends. A few steps up and still so wide one can’t see the next vertical rise.

Only after the first ten or twenty steps, does the next start to come into view. A few more, finally the next step up much closer now. Until each step is like a normal stair case rising up before.

But this staircase is the one special one, stretching out before.

For it is in fact the walk, not of life, but of the Soul.

Each step up a step in awareness about self, bigger outcomes, advancement, each step is. The more path followed the more steps taken, the less the “things” of the world matter.
The more lofted, the more you know you don’t know. The more responsibility given, the greater the work to be done.

For this is the staircase of your soul’s journey, back to and into the Divine.

Many born again and again can arrive totally unaware of this path. Perhaps not understanding they have a choice, to stay where born, caring not for the spiritual. Only through Grace, gently over time, love reveals more and more.

Steps never considered before now become apparent.
Slowly as each step taken, many aspects of the world fade. For rising cannot occur when grounded you remain. Ego must be mastered, Pride put to the side, the need to “be right” forgotten long ago, the noise quietened down, chatter and disruption pushed to the back. Inside the path really begins.

But has higher the accent, the more Love flows.

For this is height doesn’t exalt the riser. Instead more and more height gained the more humble, balanced and full of Love you become. Love for yourself, Love for others, exactly as you, travellers on their own journeys they are, Love of the Divine.

Each step removes further from the world and yet at the same time can only draw the climber to be more and more the servant, from Love.

Placed onto this staircase all people born. 7 plus billion of us, hardly visible at all, for the staircase is large indeed. Influenced by the Universe, by the Divine, each life plays out. Inside your free will to respond or not to opportunity offered.

To take the next step up for your Soul.

Yours to decide.


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