Off the rails we go

Off the rails we go

This world seems so distracted we have all become.

Chasing after this and that, the treadmill of life speeds up, never slows down, just that bit more and more and …… Watch this sport, pay attention to the latest celeb, or game. Be seen to be the person everyone else expects, nay the world tells you, you need be.

Don’t reach out, stay safe, don’t get involved, keep to yourself, fear everything, a disease it is. Programmed in the risk of reaching out, lending a hand might be more than you can afford, they would have you say. Scared to be brave enough to be honest, gently honest with yourself and others around. Utter nonsense both are.

Speak out, defend yourself, sometimes in anger, for you are right, you must be at all cost. Building separation and isolation, the only result of the path.

Beyond your world, the larger seems insane.

People killing each other, it seems without a care in the world, always on screen they are. Water and Food, all for profit, not for health. Food withheld to keep millions dying. “Economics” and “Trade” pumped to keep your attention fixed. Toxic and polluted our world becomes day by day, each day it is. The water we drink, the air we breathe, the oceans all around. Headlines and media coming into your life at light speed. There, then gone in the instant, programming.

Yet all we need is Love.

Love of yourself, oh just Love for this gift called Life. Love of your family and friends. Love for those in need. Maybe just in the moment enough Love, just to open the door for a stranger.

Enough just to listen to someone in need, just for a while. Maybe enough Love, to let a few into your life, when in turn you need.

Yet in spite of all, all we need is Love.

Train wreck or not? yours to decide.


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