How do I have to be in order for you to be free?

How do I have to be

(Take a moment and think about all that means)

Some claim to be the seekers of a new world. That where the nonsense of the surrounds today is made null. Yet apart from those flashing lights onto today’s latest hypocrisy, the latest abuse or cheat caught doing what cheats do, have we really considered all?

For saying is easy, the doing not so.

The doing takes application, personal change, personal commitment to provide substance on the path.

We seem drawn to ‘‘fairness”, ‘‘equality”, ‘‘freedom” and ‘‘safe experience”. Yet even these most basic of endeavours seem fine with the denial of others to do the same. For how can I have my version of these and deny others theirs? This in itself, this thinking is just broken at the core.

It is dangerous to search for unity when or if it dictates that diversity has to end. One identity living in the world will make it boring and destroy much. For it is in the diversity that is our celebration of life itself.

If I deem my version of the way ‘‘Life” must, or should be for others, in that very instance, I become the foe of other versions.

Like it or not, if I look long and hard, no other place do I arrive.

Society must embrace and be supportive of all beliefs yet exist for the common good well enough to actually enhance each other’s beliefs and cultural awareness. Where those beliefs are mature enough to be in that model.

The application of ‘‘The Way” resides with me, the way I live, the way I tolerate and learn from others how they live. The more I put down the intolerance of other versions, the more we actually start to grow together. The less we need ‘‘The Law”, the less we need ‘‘Those that Govern”. The more the trust, the more the understanding.

How do I have to be in order for you to be free?

Open to the cultural soup that makes us all who we are. But critically be open to the lessons revealed and willing to apply (The doing, the verb) those lessons into my own Life.

Without the application and hard work to change and adapt myself, a dictator at best I’ll be.

How do I have to be in order for you to be free?

Think, please do.

Dès le début du temps, jusqu’à la fin des temps.


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