Safe in Bed

Safe in Bed

Under the covers you remain safe and warm, not quite ready to face the dawn.

Yet this bed so comfortable and safe might not be the place. For this bed covered and protected for so long, price paid you have, to stay for so long.

For the coverings, the sheets, the blankets with quilt onto top may not have been the place you were supposed to stop. Upon inspection, discovery clear, these warm coverings, more of a trap made, they have become dear.

When inspected up close all revealed in a fright, for these coverings became your fight. The pressures of Work, Family, Life, Distrust, Pain and hurt taken onto board, have prevented Life from rising, into the dawn.

Experienced a Life perhaps not, for trapped in safety of the entangled bed you remain.

Roll back the covers, take deep breath and let light in.

For the journey of the brave, to fulfil all that is Life, is to let the light in and enjoy the ride. To leave the safety of the trap of old, with courage a plenty and gently be bold.

Then race off to discover all that was hidden from sight. For Life under the covers was not the way it was ever supposed to have been.



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