Judgement and condemnation

Judgement and condemnation

We seem to expect almost perfection from others and care not perhaps for the view of ourselves.

Perhaps the fast pace and bright lights of our world today, too distracting for many. Hard often to stop and see ourselves from outside. To seriously stop and look.

Has everything we said always been consistent, really truly? Has our truth remained the same over time? The answer, of course not. For even if now you have a solid state.

Before that maybe you had nothing or forming the view, you were.

When I observe articles and flaming and the targeting Gandhi, Mother Teresa and others, to pull down and destroy the good invested. Seems we are all too ready.

Quick we are, to make the leap and quickly discredit all accomplishments of these folk, some trending headline the foundation.

Yet on it rolls.

Applied more close to home, perhaps a view too harsh for some.

For when have we cut ties discounting, discrediting or worse, the person or relationship on just one error of act.

We destroy all the good done. The times shared, the harsh, the good. The understanding and kindred of spirit. The support and guidance to soar free.

Upon what foundation this action I am not sure. Last time I looked, perfect I was not. Yet still we judge and condemn.

Next time “the trends” demand of you, the condemnation of the many. Or perhaps you are about to cut off a relationship, just because of the latest act.

Take stock of your own life, the price paid perhaps in error, of the imperfections that make the perfect you.


Y gwir erbyn y byd


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