Imagine, if even for a second

Imagine, if even for a second

Just imagine what this place called home would be like if we all stood steadfast in the resolve to build each other up all the time.

Doing the right thing by the planet, but genuinely trying to help each other, instead of stomping on those with thoughts and behaviours that don’t suit our version of the world.

Imagine, Just Imagine.

If people took the time to get to know you, genuinely interested in your perspective without judgement.

Where your hurts and pain could be shared, knowing you could trust. Just trust. No one pushing in front of you in queues, trying to get that one spot closer to the next stop light. No one swearing screaming abuse because of some internal pain, surfacing in such violent ways in them.

No soldiers wanting to kill, murder and harm others, just because of a game others have set before.

No Religion holding the truth at bay from us all.

No law set to entrap and keep you small.

Where we were encouraged to excel, to push hard, towards those things we are truly passionate about.

Imagine, Just Imagine.

All it takes is you. All it takes is you deciding to make it so.


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