Life should be

Life should be

Like a bird soaring effortlessly on a hot warm thermal day.

Like the wisp of spray blown gently back from the top of the wave.

Like fog gently rising to caress the wet forest in the early morn.

Like the gentle opening flower in response to the warmth of the sun.

Like the smell just after the first cooling summer rain.

Like the smile and spark in the eye of the one you love.

Please think. Think why these always touch your heart, your soul.


Instead we get distracted from the actual purpose. That of learning at the Soul level.

We allow too much of the theatre in.

The career advancement we must earn.

The next sale that needs to be closed.

The clothes we must wear.

The fashion we must have.

The right places seen to be, we must be.

All the “necessary” extras, we must have.

The pressure of cramming our life into our life, just too much.

Have you ever thought about why?

Does all that noise actually make you happy or just thirsty for more? It keeps you running after shadows.

Let your Ego, pride, hurt, pain be still. Put it all down. Be still.

Breathe, just start to breathe. For all else is nonsense.

Be inspired, inspire yourself.


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I wish I could be like that bird!

We can be, all the time. In spite of all, and it is not easy in these “modern times”, less easy than it was a few months ago, for sure. But flight is still there waiting for us we we continue to focus upon it. Not easy.

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