The Truth

The Truth

(Please read this slowly, reread if necessary many times. Let it take hold.)

Perhaps the hardest of all to wrestle with, for we each carry our own. All of us alive today each has his / her unique aspect of the truth. No two truths ever the same, for each is as individual as each of us are.

Why then do we run about trying to convince each other that ours is the right one? When no more an impossible path could I imagine. Wars are fought for our truth. People die of poverty each day for our truth. Murder in cold blood for our truth.

Never can two people ever hold the same truth.

Why not the choice made to celebrate the differences, not to lord over each other but instead to understand each other. Without violence, argument, or even in fact needing to be proven right.

For it is only our Ego and pride driving this insane thinking.

How better a place when we don’t have to be right. Verbally, physically in written word, over social media. For it is your truth that drives the division, if right you need to remain.

Please think about why you need to be right, at the cost of someone else’s experience of you. In Social Media, at work, in your neighbourhood, your community, your family and with your spouse.

Why do you really need to be proven right at expense of the opportunity to learn? Why do we rob ourselves so?

Your systems lie to you; they continue to drive the division that fuels the world.


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