Be careful how you spend yours

Be careful

Just watched a clip on YouTube four times. Thought it’s interesting to reflect.

Yes I did enjoy it, watch it a few days back and now twice more today.

Wasn’t long in length, didn’t take much time out of my day, as the clip itself was only 4 minutes and 24 seconds in length.

Taught me to slow down and enjoy those times, when I have the time, nothing to see here right?

But the math, I just couldn’t resist, taking a higher level view on all the real costs associated with ‘‘Social Media”. See this vid has been watched now 5,786,503 times and continues to climb fast.

So do the math. 4.24 seconds x 5,786,503 views, 24534772 minutes. Divide by 60 / hours, 24 / days, 365 / years. 46.67 years have already been spent watching this clip, and like I said the numbers of views climbs steadily. (and for the record that is 46 years non-stop watching. No Sleep, no toilet breaks, nothing.)

There is nothing social about that amount of time watching a clip by ourselves, as most views wouldn’t be together as a group.
Are there better ways to invest this time, in my case 17 minutes?

Maybe yes, and maybe no. But please if nothing else thought provoked; think about how and where you are spending time.
For each clock tick, is one to never return.

#pathwaystoresonance #self #discovery #personal #journey

(PS. I would hate to do this math for more than one, FB Thread, the major videos on YouTube, Twitter tweets and god knows what else)

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