I care not for your chemicals, for they poison and destroy

I care not for your chemicals, for they poison and destroy

I need not your food with preservatives, additives and God knows what else. Just to make “food” last longer and appear brighter for the purchase.

I need not your hormones and chemicals added to the food fed to animals.

I need not your plastic packaging wrapped and poisoning everything contained therein. Ultimately to then in turn poison the planet for thousands of years to come.

I need not the cosmetic industry that has us rubbing petrol based products into our skin. Toothpaste which is toxic, and class one poisonous chemicals added to my water.

I need not GMO food, made to ensure profits are maintained.

I need not be a brain surgeon to understand that all of these chemicals are having a huge impact on the planet, nature and ourselves. I need not to see bees dying by the millions, due to chemical poisoning and GMO crops. Without which all life will cease.

I need not the profit driven mentally that serves no one in the end.

Instead I need:

Food which is good for me, not produced for profits sake.

Water which is equally good.

Planting and harvesting strategies in line with nature, locally produced.

To have us work with nature instead of the rebellious manner we execute today for the sake of profit.

Your chemicals and products are killing me, my friends and family.

They are destroying the home where I live, where we all live.

Profit is the wrong motivator.”

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