Gamblers we all are, but it is how you play that makes the difference

Gamblers we all are

Sitting at the table, a hand is dealt. Not the first of many, but not the last either. For this hand is the only one you’ll get to play, this go around.

Yet no one ever tells us this is.

We allow our hand to be stolen by others. Working for the life time, never truly passionate about much at all. Robbed before the value could be understood.

We take risks that not even the most skilful player ever would.

Yet every day these are considered normal, part of normal life. Russian roulette on the roads, food and drugs made for profit, not for good. Air land and seas being made toxic, before our eyes. Education that doesn’t.

We raise the stakes all the time, giving no regard, that one day the dealer will call your hand. This game will end at a time out of your control, perhaps even without warning.

Yet there we sit, thinking we are in control, understanding fully the options whilst at the table. Yet all the time the game is stacked against us and closing time draws nearer.

Pride, Ego, Emotion, Lust, Hatred all denying us the right to call and question. Yet still time tic’s by.

For sure your hand will be called, for no one gets out alive.

If only our truth took hold. Instead of our pride assuming we have all the ace’s, with sweat pouring from the brow, almost as if blood. There we would sit questioning everything, exploring all, not being programmed to accept ‘‘normal”.

For not everyone born yet understands the nature of the game, for few, very few in fact, understand the game played.

Make sure please that you are mindful of the activities you do, for a game you already play (like it or not), with dealer taping impatiently for your next move.

To hold, call or fold, these only you can decide. Once understood that the game has already begun.

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