I care not for your money

I care not for your money

Money holds no value except for that given to it by the people.

For the most part it doesn’t even really exist anymore, except as “ones” and “zeros” (binary bits) on hard drives somewhere in the world. Turn those systems off, and all lost would only be storage on hard drives, not more.

Money does not make the world go around. It never has and never will. It instead, creates slaves, enforces poverty and death, where no profit can be found. It encourages greed, predatory behaviour and deceit. All without real gain by anyone involved.

And what of its cousin word “profit”. Stolen and distorted it has been.

Profit isn’t something achieved at the detriment of someone else.

Profit isn’t the margin made on the sale, at the expense of others. Profit is when you do something for others, yourself or the planet, that builds up others. Where others including our home, Planet Earth, is made better in some way.

This should be the only definition and use of the world “profit”.

Instead it is rammed towards us as something to distract ourselves with for our entire lives.

“Profit” in its current application just simply isn’t, Profit. For your money I care not. For your definition of the word Profit, I care not. Surely as “intelligent species” we should be moving on from Fractional reserve banking, money based on gold standard and any other use of this binding concept, into a world where we can all truly profit?

I care not for your money and the stolen word “profit” that runs a close second.

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