I care not for your global economy

I care not for your global economy

For nothing I see today is actually economic. All consumes the planets resources in gay abandon, no thought for tomorrow. To call that “Economic” or “an Economy” is nonsense.

All that toxic game is about is centralized control by a few to maximize their profits. With a long term ultimate price to be paid by all of us, our kids and theirs.

I need not consume goods which have travelled half way around the globe to arrive to my eye. The cost of that is ridiculous on the planet.

For each calorie of food on my plate, 13 to 20 calories of energy have been consumed getting it to me.

I want goods and foods from locally produced industry.

I care not for the cheap, poorly made products from “the globe” when local industry suffers and dies.

I care not to use slave labour to produce for me.

I care not for your global economy, I care not. It just isn’t economic, replaced instead with madness.

The world did just fine before all this craziness prevailed.


Going out of your way to purchase locally grown and produced items. Request and pressure your retailer for the same.

Consume less and less. Make do with what you have. Purchase quality items that last. If you can’t find them then start asking for them.

Produce your own items and foods as much as possible.

Take care of what you do have to make it (whatever it is) last for as long as possible.

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