I care not for your religion

No Religion

For all want or take some form of control over my thoughts and actions.

If upright, with honour is the walk, then no need for what is right and wrong exists. I need not be condemned for my thoughts or actions, for my thoughts and actions will honour all around (Including self).

Too much murder, hate, destruction is born of the judgement of right and wrong. Too much deceit, dishonesty and corruption hidden from view.

Madness sheer, is the thinking that says that the Queen is my representative before God. And yet all modern Law (in the British Empire countries) is premised upon that crazy assumption.

It is man (or women) that chooses to harm, hurt or murder, at the individual level. The Divine has no hand in that choice made by Man. No such action, thought or deed honours any “God”, ever.

I need no condemnation, no judgement, no outward rules or contracts. I need not have my thinking limited by the standards and limitations imposed by others.

In the very seed that “I am right”, “my way is the right way”, is the hate and condemnation where so many lives are laid at the doorstep.

If a relationship with the divine is sought, then I already have all the tools necessary built right in. For that journey is a personal one, without the distraction of man’s hand in the middle.

An Answer:

Do no Harm (none) Physically, Mentally, Spiritually or otherwise. To yourself and those in your life.

Do not Judge others.

Respect all things around your life. The food you eat, (especially any animals that have died to provide) the thoughts of others, the planet upon which we all live.

Meditate, always.

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