Keeping it Simple

Keep it simple

So this modern world, high tech, fully connected, high paced often frantic. Fear built right in, fear of the person next door, on the train, standing beside you. Be in fear of anything out of the norm.

Keep up, at all costs keep up. With fashion, right clothes, in Gucci phones, tablets and more. Be seen in the right places, with the right people. Keep consuming, don’t stop, in fear of falling behind you might be. Keep up with the news, the radio, and the box, all that is going on, pumped right at you, all the time.

Working crazy hours, stress of the commute. Deadlines, pressure to work sacrificing life for a non-living dead entity beholding to greed or fear. Stress, Stress, Stress.

Stress points all across your life. No time to see family or friends, no time to stop to get to know yourself. Got to keep moving earning paying bills, consuming. Pills sometimes in support of much.

Don’t stand out in the crowd, fear of the judgement built right in. Stay “main stream”, the consensus approach, never brave enough to seek out “alternative”.

Everything must be proved, solid evidence required to prove substance. A single measure of proof it seems, but a single lens is all offered. Yet when considered so much is outside. If you can’t see it, taste it, test it, it can’t be real. Yet I need no evidence to believe, each and every day.

But why, what for when all weighed in total? Was it really supposed to be this way? Was this the best life had to offer?

Why not try from a different position altogether?

Put down all the hassle and pressure of things outside of your control. Create the mindset to give yourself space even in the busiest of times. Dream a bit, day dream lost on the edges of clouds. Consider alternative to be mainstream, apply equal in reverse.

Turn down and perhaps even off, all the noise, programming and pressure under which ‘‘normal” life is conducted. Without harm to others create the space and move towards the things you are truly passionate about, deep deep down.

Above all, just keep it simple. For simple is where the treasures truly are. This moment then the next are enough when present in each one, you are.

Simple is enough.

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