Is the Freedom I preach just veiled under the cloak of consumption?

Is the Freedom I preach just veiled under the cloak of consumption?

When thought allowed to run, the model of Freedom often directed to the Western model of Life, it is. Free to do as I like, purchase what I want, that next experience, go where I want.

And yet perhaps in this thought hides, a more bitter future than apparent at first glance.

For isn’t it the consumption of stuff the driver of the machine of supply? The same machine that rips the resource from our planet in gay abandon, no thought for tomorrow or the generations to come. Tearing down, vast areas of land raped and destroyed, poisoning and polluting without care or Love.

If Freedom for you drifts towards this ‘‘Western Consumption Place”. Think, think for a while what happens when others strive to achieve your model of ‘‘Freedom”. The model by which perhaps today you live, but maybe have not really considered the example revealed.

When the quickly rising Indian and Chinese middle class, (and many other nation states) as they are already today, strive to copy your model, your freedom, accelerated is the destruction of the world.

To be clear, this isn’t thousands, or hundreds of thousands, nor perhaps millions, but even into the billions that are today, as quickly as possible are, trying to copy our Freedom. Our consumption based Freedom.

For they strive to be like you, but not taking stock of the real cost of this way of life. Perhaps as many here, have not also. For how can you propose to remove yourself as part of it, when in fact all you are is in it.

The new phone, the shiny car, the latest appliance, the trendy clothes, the latest Super food trend. All these things drive consumption, excessive consumption, that in turn, is the excuse to destroy our home. The model we set others run madly towards.

And yet we would have these new rising classes follow our path, really? Isn’t this in fact the exact opposite of how we would like others to find their ‘‘Freedom”? By following our consumption based model.

Bitter for the Planet and especially so for the Species if this model continues to run. At our feet is the power to create or destroy. For it is in how we live, how much we consume is the example that others wish to follow.

As Life provides choice for you in this day, please think of the example set by this ‘‘Freedom” system we reside.

Freedom cloaked under Consumption cannot be the way.


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