To listen

To listen

This world, so crammed full it is. The hustle, the rush, the volume of the media spewing in drowning those around. Yet balance seems forgotten so long long ago.

‘‘this really needs to be discussed”

‘‘the Internet goes crazy”

‘‘you must read this”

‘‘a must see”

‘‘This is a huge story and many people are ignoring it.”
‘‘don’t miss this”

‘‘freaking out”

‘‘pay attention to this”

‘‘Trump that, Hillary this”

‘‘More corruption over here”

Then the newspapers, the radios blaring, the TV’s screaming.

For where did the silence go? Did we take decision to push away, or replaced in deceit it might have been? Oh such a price being paid, when the price understood!

Yet inside this destruction, another causality of the assault must also have fallen. For in order to really ‘‘Listen”, silence must surround. Without Silence the art of the Listener laid bare also must be.

When all things surrounding and suffocating, some people just need someone to Listen.

The Art of the Listener.

Not to judge, not to comment, not even sometimes to draw alongside, but just to listen. Listen in a way where the other is safe. Listen because you understand the gift being given, the gift you give in that time.

Without some Silence, with Listening inside, all that is left is division and isolation.

When was the last time we comfortably just stopped and gave someone the quality time it takes to Listen in a quality way?


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